Dog Walking

Imagine coming home to a calm and happy dog! Whether your dog needs to burn off a ton of energy, needs a daily distraction so he doesn’t eat your shoes while you’re at work, or simply needs a mid-day potty break – our dog walking service is for you.

Exercise will go a long way to your dogs health and happiness. It keeps them fit and peaceful  – many experts agree that lack of exercise is a very strong contributor to behavior problems.

Here at Malibu Pet Care, we do not pack walk dogs. Instead we prefer to gauge the individual dog’s ability to do a particular activity, whether that is walking around a neighborhood or jogging up in the mountains. This way we prevent heat stoke, overexertion, damage to developing joints in large breed puppies as well as risks associated with off leash activities: giardia from drinking from creeks or standing water, rattlesnake bites, or a dog that is lost from running off.