Happy Independence Day!

//Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

We have 4 Firework barges planned here in Malibu, shows starting at around 8-9pm –

21500 Pacific Coast Hwy (La Costa)

22200 Pacific Coast Hwy (Carbon Beach)

Malibu Colony (next to the Lagoon/ near cross creek)

27900 Pacific Coast Hwy (Paradise Cove)

Be sure your animals are safe and secure! The noise and vibrations caused by the show can scare your pets to the point where they will do anything to escape. Putting them in a quiet, safe, escape-proof part of your home is best. I keep mine in the back bedroom with a fan and TV on… both the fan and TV block the noises. Make sure they have collars with current ID tags. Sometimes using anxiety wraps helps with the fear of the noise (helps for thunder too!). For really sensitive canines, you can ask your vet for a sedative to administer before the show.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

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