Frenchie with Nostrils that are Pinched Shut

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Frenchie with Nostrils that are Pinched Shut

Having a French Bulldog (or any flat faced breed) means dealing with breathing issues. My Frenchie, Amelie, already had her elongated soft palate clipped which improved her breathing dramatically, but it wasn’t enough. When I found out my local vet, Dr. Dean Graulich of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, knew how to perform “stenotic nare” surgery, I booked her for it. Stenotic nares means the nostrils are so pinched together, it is difficult for the dog to breathe.

Amelie had her soft palate clipped when she was 5 years old, and the nare surgery when she was 7 years old. By the time she was 7, damage was already done to her larynx from all the strain of trying to breathe in air through too small of an opening. This necessitated additional surgery to fix that. She now can breathe freely and happily, has more energy and spring in her step, even now at age 12. My only regret was waiting so long, since I was afraid to have her under anesthetic after hearing so many horror stories.

There was a side effect, due to the larynx damage- and that is when she drinks water or eats moist food too quickly, it frequently comes up her nose. This may have been avoided by having both the soft palate and nare surgery done sooner, to avoid the larynx damage in the first place.

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