Pet Sitting

We offer in-home pet sitting so that your pet is where they are most comfortable – in their own home! We maintain their routine, which reduces their stress and make sure your home is taken care of.

  • Pets fed
  • Water replenished
  • Medications given
  • Litter boxes cleaned out and/or yard picked up
  • Indoor plants watered
  • Mail, packages and newspaper brought in
  • Lights and blinds rotated so it appears someone is home
  • Lot’s of love and attention doted on your pets!

Visits last approximately 30 minutes and start at $28 each.

  • Pets will remain in their own safe and comfortable environment.
  • Transporting your pets back and forth to a facility is not an issue.
  • They won’t be exposed to unfamiliar animals.
  • They will be able to stick to their regular routine, including diet, and feel less fear or anxiety.
  • Your pet will have companionship in your absence.
  • Your house may be less likely to be burglarized if it’s inhabited (lights on, mail brought in, etc.).